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About the designer

Culture expressed through color and print has always fascinated Dikla Levsky. As a child and young adult, she explored different forms of visual and performing arts, eventually following the path of textile design. 

Inspired by the vibrancy of color, the history of textile and the rich world of art, Dikla designs prints that incorporate a mix of ethnic and modern influences, unique compositions, and her hand-drawn sketches. She takes references from art and textile traditions and gives them a new interpretation, creating a signature style that is daring in its use of bold colors and shapes.

Dikla graduated the Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art in 2009, where she majored in textile print. There she experimented in printing and discovered her passion for juxtaposing colors, placing them one next to each other and layering patterns. Her work won her the school’s Color and Textile Design award and sent her to intern in London, where she had the privilege of working at the Designers Guild and Christopher Farr Cloth studios. After graduation, Dikla founded Studio 410, a guild and shared workspace for designers. Her vision was to create a community in which designers can find inspiration and support on their creative journey. 

The Dikla Levsky Luxury Scarves brand, which was launched in 2012, is a manifestation of the designer’s passion for using color and print to create a personal statement. She combines traditional methods and new technology to create unique pieces that bring joy to women who wear them. 

Scarves are manufactured in Italy and sold online and in selected boutiques worldwide. 

About the brand 

A beautiful luxurious scarf makes a statement. It expresses the personal taste and sense of style of that who wears it; an elegant, timeless addition to any wardrobe. 

The Dikla Levsky Luxury Scarves brand was born out of a passion for color and pattern.  Using inspiration from primitive and modern cultures, influences from East and West, vibrant colors in unexpected combinations and textual and graphic elements, designer Dikla Levsky creates a world of endless beauty. Each textile tells a different story, one that is rooted in the past and evocative of the future, inspired by textile traditions and respectful for current fashion trends. Her designs are full of joy and playfulness, sometimes daring; and they always have a timeless quality to them.  

Scarves are made in Italy, in picturesque Como, a city known for its tradition of high-quality textile printing. The Dikla Levsky Luxury Scarves brand is available online and at selected boutiques worldwide.

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